About Forest Bloom

Forest Bloom

Swiss Singer-Songwriter Duo


We are Maya and Marco and together, we are Forest Bloom, a Singer-Songwriter-Duo from Zug CH.

Forest Bloom formed in 2018 after working together on Maya's Matura project, where she wrote and recorded an EP. Marco recorded most of the guitar parts and they realised how well they work together musically as well as personally. 

Fast forward some years, in 2021, we released their first single called "Morning Ocean", a dreamy ballad to swift away and almost feel the ocean breeze in your hair.

At the moment, we are looking to gain more and more experience in playing gigs in bars and restaurants. We are also open to play wedding gigs and we are sure that with our mix of jazz, pop, folk and own tunes, there's something to be found for everyone!


Here you can find our upcoming gigs! Can't find your city or favorite location? Drop us an E-Mail via forestbloommusic@gmail.com and book us!